​Registered Massage Therapists

Doing deep tissue Massage Therapy and restorative medical rehabilitation in Kelowna since 1992 (28yrs)

New Patients and Walk-ins welcome

New Patients ​and Walk-ins welcome

3001 Tutt St # 104 Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 2H4

PHONE: 250-861-9499

Neck & Lower Back Pain
Sports / Golf Injuries
Work Injuries
Headaches / Stress Reduction
Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries ICBC
Deep Tissue Medical Massage & Myofascial Therapeutic Massage
Infant & Pre / Post Natal Pregnancy Massage
Rehabilitative & Prevention Education to Restore Health
Worksafe BC work injuries​

Monday - Friday - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Extended Hours may be arranged based on availability)

Open Saturday / Sunday - Appointments maybe made available with prior arrangements or call and leave us a message


Bronk Kvapil RMT

​​Bronk has been practicing Massage Therapy since 1992 in Kelowna and a graduate from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1991 qualifing in a variety of modalities and techniques ranging from Sports Massage Therapy to Myofascial Deep Massage Therapy and even TMJ muscular dysfunctions. I also taught and supervised at the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy for many years primarily in the Sports Massage portion. With years of working out at a gym  and various sports I enjoy educating people about fitness, posture and erognomics to help people achieve a healthy positive change in their overall health and well being. In my spare time I enjoy committing myself to being a dad when I not busy helping to heal clients..

Jen Martinson RMT

​Jen Martinson graduated from Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in 2008 and has worked in the Peachland along with Kelowna area for the past 12 years. During part of her last 12 yrs she starting in 2008 with the Chiropractic team at Okanagan Health and Performance( OHP ). Her continuing education classes and practice has focused on osteopathic techniques and muscle energy, craniosacral techniques for post concussion/PTSD/whiplash injuries as well as myofascial and trigger point therapies for rehabilitation. She completed an internship at the Victoria Headache Clinic, which helped her better understand headaches/migraines and treat her own chronic headaches. While being pregnant with her 3 children she has developed her practice to focus also on pregnancy massage for symptomatic relief and preparation for labor with postnatal recovery. When she is not working she can be found with her family on the beach, gardening, doing yoga with her daughter and finding ways to be creative.

✓ Swedish Massage/Spa Relaxtion Massage
✓ Deep Tissue Massage
✓ Myofascial release Massage
✓ Trigger point therapy
✓ Neuromuscular Therapy
✓ Postural integration - education & exercise
✓ Pregnancy Massage with pregnancy bolsters to lay prone or face down
✓ TMJ Dysfuction Therapy (incl Inter-Oral Therapy with gloves)
✓ Remedial Exercises for rehabilitation
✓ Bodybuilding Exercises to help sculpt the perfect body
✓ Erogonomic education to help with work or repetitive strain injuries
✓ Stress and Tension reduction Massage

✓ Sports / Golf Injuries
✓ Work Injuries
✓ Motor Vehicle Accident injuries
✓ Headaches / Stress Reduction
✓ Neck & Lower Back Pain
✓ Swedish deep tissue & Myofascial
✓ Therapeutic Massage
✓ Cramp and Spasm relief
✓ Infant & Pre / Post Natal Pregnancy Massage
✓ Rehabilitative & Prevention Education
✓ Gift Certificates Available



30 min massage treatment $70.00

45 min massage treatment $90.00

60 min massage treatment $120.00

90 min massage treatment $160.00

*all prices include the (5%) GST




(call to see if other companies are covered by us)


Commonly asked questions about Massage Therapy

Do I need a referral to see a Registered Massage Therapist?
No you don't. Although many physicians still refer patients for Massage Therapy as a form of assessment and treatment. Registered Massage Therapists are considered the primary health care providers that can assess and treat people independently. However, some private insurer's ICBC, DVA, WCB, Blue Cross and many other extended medical plans still require a medical referral prior to treatment for coverage.

How do I book an appointment with your office?
Please call our office (250) 861-9499 to schedule your appointment. If no one is there to answer your call please leave a message on the telephone answer machine and one of the therapist's will return your call and help you with your questions. You may also e-mail us at all-activity@shaw.ca, and we will return your e-mail within the next business day. Appointments are booked and scheduled according to therapist availability.

How much notice do I require if I need to cancel or re-schedule my appointment?
We ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice to cancel or re-schedule your appointments. Your appointment has been reserved for you and you will be subject to be charged a 50% cost for the money value of the time your appointment was for.

What should I expect for my first Massage Therapy visit?
We will set the mood for a pleasurable experience on your first visit. You will need to fill out a medical health history form (we recommend that you come 15mins earlier to give yourself enough time) and if there is no one at the reception then a clipboard will be left out on the counter for you to fill out . Upon completion the therapists will do an interview and may perform various medical assessment techniques to see what is the nature of your complaints. After that the therapist will do the necessary Massage Therapy techniques and Modalities to help in healing and repairing your physical complaints. A therapists may use hot packs or ice packs to aid with your recovery. Upon completion the therapists will gladly discuss with you some remedial activities and preventative tools to use as home or self care after your appointment. For your first visit we recommend you to book at least a 45 or 60 minute appointment so that there is enough time to be thorough in your treatment. Your health and wellness comes first in our approach to healing.

What do I wear for my appointment?
As Registered Massage Therapists governed by the College of Registered Massage Therapists of BC and we take the utmost care to make sure clients feel safe, protected and comfortable. The therapists will leave the room after any interview or assessment and will ask you to undress to your level of comfort in order to treat the areas affected. Then you get yourself undressed to your comfort level and when on the massage table you'll cover/drape your whole body with a sheet (and sometimes a blanket if needed), the therapist will then uncover the area being treated as the treatment progresses. Some people may prefer to leave on their underwear or briefs, you do what is comfortable for you. Your privacy will always be respected.

How often should I get Massage Therapy?
When a client presents a painful acute condition due to various circumstances we recommend 2-3 times a week for as many weeks until it eases. Then we would taper down to once a week and then finally once every two weeks until the condition has resolved itself, now the number of weeks varies on the degree of condition causing the painful dysfunction. On an average it maybe as quickly as 2-4 weeks or could present for 6-8 weeks or even longer under extreme conditions. For chronic conditions that build up over a period of time we recommend coming in no longer than once every 3-4 weeks to keep on top of conditions before they escalate into problems requiring several treatments to get them stable again or avoiding acute flare ups. For stress reduction sessions we recommend you come in when the stress is overwhelming and massage therapy session will help you to reduce or unwhine the various tension symptoms on your body and mind. Remember to use Massage Therapy as part of your pampering, holiday, or detoxifying, regiment of looking after yourself. For pregnant moms to be we offer pregnancy bolsters to allow you to come get Massage Therapy while lying face down on your belly up to your due date as often as you need to come in. Generally people know they're bodies well enough so home care and self care are helpful plus constant feedback between the therapist and client is very useful in get yourself back to a pain-free healthy functional state.

How much time do I need to book for my Massage Therapy appointment?
If you don't know the duration of Massage Therapy sessions you need then here are a few suggestions: 30 Minutes would get you one or two specific areas of the body treated, help reduce a headache, subsequent visit for existing clients with minor recurring conditions, pre-event sports massage. 45 Minutes (recommended for first time initial visit) it would get you multiple areas treated or more thorough specific in-depth time for one to two areas, help reduce an intense headache or migraine, help reduce more chronic condition areas , pre or post event sports massage, pregnancy massage.  60 Minutes complex in-depth focal treatment to multiple areas, full body massage (90 minutes maybe better) includes feet / legs / back / arms /hands / neck / abdomen (if needed) and face/scalp, better overall body preventative muscular tension or stress reduction, complex acute pain due to trauma in multiple areas, chronic or acute severe headache or migraine

Is there parking available in the South Pandosy Village area?
Our clinic is located in the busy lower mission South Pandosy Village, close to Mission Park Mall and about one kilometer (Km) from Kelowna General Hospital (KGH) or Cancer Centre. This busy little area now has ample pay parking on the street but we also have a small (90Min) parking lot within the building thru the driveway corridor where you don't have to pay.